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2 Responses to Install a free email gateway with anti-spam, anti-virus using Scrollout F1

  1. christian says:

    how do i update the installation? trough debin update scripts?
    i see that recipient verification is one new feature? is it enabled by default?

    • Hi Christian,

      It depends:

      1. If the installation is recent (2-3 days ago), you don’t need an update.

      2. If the installation is not recent:

      2.1. The update will be released automatically after becomes relatively mature.
      2.2. If you don’t want to wait (need the recipient verification asap.), I suggest to have a backup/restoration plan (clone the existing machine or make a full snapshot).
      The existing release will update postfix version to 2.9 which includes postscreen, a built-in postgrey, weighted RBL and more.

      To run the update manually:
      Modify /var/www/ver (anything you want)
      Run /var/www/bin/update.sh

      If you need support, send me an email (the address is on the GUI).


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